Other expertise

Data & analyzes

Each sucessful project must undergo several simulations and analyses during its development, but they must best fit the project scope and development stage. At AIRMOBIS, we tailor our analyses to your needs, available input data and schedule.

We can use your 3D CAD if your need to evaluate or optimize the design of your plane, boat or embedded complex system. We can go in the field and measure the terrain with our drones if you want us to analyze the wind or water flowing on a specific area. We can create own 3D CAD model from scratch if you have just an ideological concept of your project, and need our help to realize it.

During 20 year experience spent on aircraft development, primarily focused on applied aerodynamic related tasks, we developed unique engineering expertise for:
1. Data cleaning
2. 3D Geometry
3. Final shape (foils, hydrofoils)
4. Cooling systems, radiators
5. 3D scanners



Thermal analysis methods measure physical, mechanical, and thermodynamic changes taking place under differing temperatures and loads, and can pinpoint when and at what temperature significant changes occur. Airmobis offers highly reliable analyzes covering:

  1. Air cooling systems - car engines
  2. Radiators – air flowing simulation, temperature exchanger (air, water, metal)
  3. Cooling of electronics (heat exchanger)


We diversify our services portfolio and we have developed software tools for hydrodynamic.


  1. Hydrofoils
  2. Multiphase tasks – water surface, waves deformation caused by the boat movement
  3. Amphibian vehicles – dynamic simulation, water- ramp transition