The founder of Airmobis, Etienne Vandame, was rewarded for his work

The Freelancer and the Company of the year belong to the most popular business competition in the Czech Republic thanks to its multi-domain and regional coverage. It emphasizes maximum objectiveness in the evaluation and thus it creates unique comparison of participates in each region.

Etienne Vandame was rewarded by the second price in region of Zlin for his freelance activities in the field of aerodynamic and design consultancy for aircraft producers in Europe, which preceded his decision to set up the Airmobis company. We are very proud of this reward, especially because he was able to succeed in quite complicated domain in different country than it is his origin.
The price was taken by his wife Zuzana as he was on business trip at the time.

And here comes his story:
My name is Etienne Vandame, I was born in Paris and I am 39 years old. I was fascinated by the aviation since I was teenager. I started my part time summer job as mechanic in the aeroclub of Chaveney and the first thing I made with the money I gained was to pay my pilot license. After finishing my secondary education I continued to study aeronautic in ESTACA Paris. I graduated in 2002 as a engineer of aerodynamic. Meanwhile I traveled and studied abroad and maintained the aircraft. Among my remarkable experience belong my intership in Mexico, where I reached as well engineer deree in aeronautic.

Before my final exam I came to Prague to VZLU to complete my thesis. At that time I found out, that the Czech republic is , let's say, “paradise” of small and general aviation. This fact made me to stay.
First I was working for well established companies as Evektor, Aero Vodochody and Letecka tovarna, but I wanted to see the aircraft in his complexity that's why I deceided to become freelacer and to provide consultancy in aerodynamic analyzes and aircraft design for small producers in all Europe.

As a foreigner in the Czech Republic I was facing divers challenges – sometimes they were quite hard.
My competitive advantage is the flexibility and efficiency. Thanks to my complex experience in aviation, I know the aircraft from each screw, via its construction of architecture and aerodynamic shape of wings to overhaul and maintenance of the aircraft.
Physics is my passion and I combine it with experience in programming, thus I am able to create tailored software for each business task. Results of the computation are thus fast and precise.